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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mello Yellow Wire Faces at de Mello Palheta Roastery and Specialty Coffee

Alright - 2013 - $95

The mini concert at de Mello Palheta Roastery and Specialty Coffee was a nice mellow time.

de Mello Specialty Coffee & Roastery
2489 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON, M4P 2H6
F +1(647) 748 3633   E

A great escape.
One of the owners told me that people love the wire faces on the wall.
Each face expresses an emotion. 
He asks the customers as they order, which face represents their mood.

There are twelve images for sale each representing a different emotion.

Purchase one work of art for $95. If you buy three pieces, the charge will be $255.

A steal! A deal! A fabulous investment!
I’ve attached images of the new pieces that I have created on pine. These pine images are washed with yellow acrylic paint.

So - 2013 - $95

Wonder - 2013 - $95

Shock - 2013 - $95

Oh - 2013 - $95

Thinking - 2013 - $95

The turn out was great. The venue was packed with music and art lovers.

Remember to visit de Mello Palheta for a coffee or a snack when you're in the Yonge and Eglinton area.

Click here to support me in my effort to participate in The Artist Project.

So far, I have raised $25.

I must be popular. Someone keeps logging into my blog from another location. Time for a better firewall!!

A tune for all the ladies and gents who enjoy this blog and love a great theme song...

Funny story. My first fashion design job was at a tee shirt manufacturer who shall remain nameless. My pal F recommended me for the position. I have some great stories about that job.

I set my alarm to a country station so that I'd get out of bed to get there. I was neither fond of working in a factory nor was I fond of the 2 hour commute.

Waking up to country music got me out of bed immediately, until I eventually learned the words to all the songs and sang them as I fell asleep and missed my alarm.

I remember the day that I decided to leave that job. As I was on the bus, I thought, if I stayed on the bus, it would take me right back to the subway. Should I get off the bus, I wondered, or should I go to work. I got off the bus like a fool and in less than three seconds, I quit.

Some members of the management team loved my drive, ambition and style of working, others... well let's just say, F sang this song to me at least once a day.

More than a woman, for those of you who love a good theme song!!



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