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Monday, March 10, 2014

Love As I've Seen It | Reception: Saturday March 22, 7pm-10pm

Currently on exhibit at 2592 Yonge Street | The Second Cup

The Salon I hosted was incredible! Guests were able to view my latest pieces, some in progress. We drank vino, munched on snacks while we talked about arts and culture. I received numerous ‘Thank-yous!’ A good time was had by all. This event is a great way to socialize in a comfortable atmosphere -- to connect with people.

What’s next?

More Salons and…


I’m hosting a reception for my exhibition, ‘Love As I See it.’

2592 Yonge Street
(North of Briar Hill Road at the corner of Albertus Avenue)
(416) 487-7838

Saturday March 22, 2014 
7pm – 10pm

This show is a collection of works of art around love and relationships, (my favourite topic).

I’m a woman who has spent most of her life single for various reasons. Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m delightful and great company. I tell myself that every day, but for some reason I put work before love, I think. Or maybe I’m ‘too much woman,’ as some pals have suggested. Okay, the real reason… I have only recently begun to make romantic love a priority.

I had a chat with the staff at a local furniture store about this. I surmise that some woman have a place for it. They say, ‘I need a great job, a car, a vacation once a year, a great husband, some kids and a lovely home.’

I say, ‘I need an iPad, a fold up bike, a Honda mini, a plentiful amount of mangoes, to see live jazz a few times a month, annual vacations, a nice home and a rewarding job.’

‘What about love?’ my late Mother used to ask.

‘It’ll come,’ I’d say.

I believed that in the midst of me working diligently at creating an incredible life some gorgeous man would see me, pursue me and we’d fall madly in love forever. Sounds possible, right?

This exhibit explores the ups and downs of such a strategy by honing in on single, universal moments when in love, hoping for love, receiving love. They make a great gift for someone you’re in love with. And if you love yourself enough, you can purchase one for you!

Join me at the reception at:

2592 Yonge Street
(North of Briar Hill Road at the corner of Albertus Avenue)
(416) 487-7838 
7pm – 10pm

Admission is free. Treat yourself to a beverage or a snack.
Light snacks will be provided!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

International Women’s Day Open Studio!

BlackHistory Month, this year, was a time of planning and preparation for new ventures.

This year, my creative goal is to exhibit more widely.

Current exhibitions:

A Tribute to Whiney Houston | Mojo Music | Oakville
Exploring Emotion and A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix | de Mello | Toronto

I have been exhibiting my work since 1991, well 1988 if you count the flea market in Mississauga where I rented a table and sold hand painted tee-shirts and accessories. It’s been a fun ride filled with ups and downs – challenges and pleasant surprises.

Late in the nineties, I opened my studio at Liberty Street, in the company of fellow artists. The building was full of creative talent. We simultaneously allowed the public to walk through our studio and see our work. It was so well received that I have decided to make it part of my practice.

What better day to begin opening my studio to the public once a month than on International Woman’s Day? That’s right, my friends, you will have the opportunity to view works in progress and completed pieces that you were hoping to see again and to make a purchase.

Original art ranges in price from $10 to $3000.
Purchases can be made by credit card, cash or cheque.

You can also now find my work on Saatchi. Search for simone4king or Simone Frank. This site has the most encouraging mission statement: that artist will be able to live off their work. I wish for the same.
I have many projects on the go and am excited by all of them. I look forward to your response to these pieces.

Join me:
Saturday March 8th
11 - 5pm

115 Eglinton Avenue West,
unit 26, buzz 26
Toronto, Ontario Canada.

It’s a third floor walk up.
416 432 9947

I predict a warm Spring day! If I’m wrong, remember, a weatherman is the only job where one can be wrong all the time and never get fired! (Not my quote, but a good one!)

I look forward to seeing Saturday March 8th from 11-5pm!