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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Dream Huge!!

Dream Big - Ink on Mulberry

Guess what? I set up an account on Fine Arts America. This new selection of painted words can be viewed by clicking here:

Did I ever tell you this story? 

Read - Ink on Mulberry

Okay. I worked at Teatro Verde many moons ago. I graduated into a recession twice. The second time, in 2009, resulted in a retail job for a year in Yorkville. It was a beautiful looking store. I could walk to work. I was poor, depressed, ill, annoyed at my situation but I made several sales in excess of $10, 000. More than a few in excess of $20,000. It was good times. But I made no commission, so the reward was purely ego centred. If you know me well, you know; for me that goes a long way.

One of my favourite customers invited me out for coffee. As we sipped espressos at the Four Seasons, she told me that she was a practicing spiritual psychotherapist. I love that! She later admitted that she invited me out with her because of something energetic and she gave me a reading.

None of your business. 

Hahahaha. Okay. I’ll tell you one thing she told me. “If you combine your visual art and your writing you will be famous!”

Believe it or not, I had heard this before from another ‘almost stranger.’ This was not a stretch for me. In my earliest sketchbooks, the two are illustrated in tandem. There are somethings better written than painted and vice versa.

When someone spiritual tells me I’m supposed to do something or I’m meant to do something, it makes me pause. I’m not sure if I feel like I’m cheating to listen. Like I should have come to this conclusion myself. Like I now carry a heavier weight. Like some other agenda will be revealed. Like I have a great responsibility. “Like, like, like, Oh, my Gosh!”

But the other day, I painted these. After having mingled with so many artists and art lovers at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, I was gently reminded of the need for good words, fun words, inspiring words. Mostly, I needed to paint these words for me and assume that there are others who find them important as well.

Fine Arts America allows customers the option of purchasing prints and design products associated with the original work of art.

Each piece can be purchased as a:

Saves me a ton of time in the workshop while blessing you with many choices. I hope you like them!!

Thank you Fine Arts America for providing this free platform for artists and designers and especially for art lovers!! Join at will, my people. Here's one of your many chances!!

I have a quote in my head from a poster that was on my wall as a little one. I think it's the best advice I was ever given. "Live always my friend, as if there is world enough and time."