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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Black History Month

Feel His Spirit, 24" x 18", 2011 - $515 unframed

Here is a piece I painted for A Tribute to Stevie Wonder  exhibited in Oakville on the walls of Mojo Music, where Ella Fitzgerald is still on exhibit. People suggested I tweet the image to Barak Obama, so I did. I tell you if he replies. The words are a quote from the lyrics of my favourite Stevie Wonder song, Heaven Is Ten Zillion Light Years Away.

You can purchase the album Fulfillingness First Finale, by Stevie Wonder on Amazon.

Black History Month is steadily approaching. Many people complain that happens in the shortest and coldest month of the year. In Britain, it's held every October. I joked with friends that I was going to start a campaign, Black History Month is Now in June, so that we could celebrate during a warmer month. But that would be too much to maintain, so I let it remain a joke.  February is also the month that Martin Luther King was born. It is also the month I was born. More information about the accomplishments of Black folks can be found by clicking here.

I submitted some works of art to exhibit at BAND – a solo exhibition of black musicians during Black History month. They have some other artist’s work to consider for that month. We’ll see if they choose me. Come on, BAND, choose me!!

I am pleased to report that I have had one invitation to exhibit internationally. I look forward to more opportunities to travel and exhibit my work abroad. A friend once reminded me, when I thought I had seen it all, that there is a whole world to explore and that I should embrace it. I wish the same for you, dear reader. That you find a world greater and brighter than the one that you see now.

I have a dream, he said.

One of my sources of inspiration is the book, 

It is compiled of quotations that inspire a person to do just what the title says. I have been accused of dreaming too far into the future, of setting my sights too high, but I will continue to do just that despite the criticisms that I encounter. It is this spirit of hope that keeps me alive.

Consider buying art now to enhance your walls for a lifetime and more.

All the best always,

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year - Melting Sky

Melting Sky , $1000.

is one that people have been asking about recently. I painted this one day when I was trying to imagine a place. A place to escape to when the world was too filled with wars and chaos. Look at it and imagine peace and a universe full of possibilities.

Contact me at

for more information.

In an effort to work off the scrumptious meals consumed during the holidays and to enter 2013 in a calm and energetic manner, I have a few suggestions.

What do we do about stress? Here’s a Yoga tape that got me through some bouts of stiffness. It’s great for people of all ages and is especially great for those with chronic pain.
When using Healing Yoga for Aches and Pains, a chair is required. The poses are modified and the great thing about it that it is a lot like giving yourself a chiropractic adjustment. You will feel things fall into place.

I still see my chiropractor in combination with it, when I notice that I can’t reach as far as I once could.
What I also love about this dvd is the voice over. After a while, you really learn to let go of worries.
I recently met an attractive ex football player, now a personal trainer, who advised me that it’s better to do yoga at night because it calms you down. I tried that for a while, but still prefer to do it in the morning, because it allows me to leave the house in a state of calm and stops me from panicking and freaking out over small things.

I highly recommend
Healing Yoga For Aches and Pains.

I wish you the best in 2013. Great, supportive friendships, good health, prosperity, joy, beauty, great meals, good times and of course, good love.