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Monday, December 29, 2014

My Wish for You in 2015

Punching Rain - 2014

2014 is almost over.

At this time of year I like to be still. I like to plan, strategize, create, imagine. I sit down with a calendar of the year to come and get to work. I review the year that passed and consider what I have learned from all the bumps I encountered along the road.

What did you learn in 2014?

I learned:

Dreaming in secret is an intense and rewarding tool
To tell people that I love them often so that they always know
To, like Einstein, take one nap a day because I deserve it
To be good to myself so that I can be good to others
To exercise daily so that I am limber, clear thinking and energized
To thank the heavens for all the great things I have now because more is coming
To sit in nature and rest and to be thankful that there is green space in the GTA
To make the most of every moment


At this time of year, many of us become introspective. We sit in quiet wonder. What will come next year? Will things improve? Will the job come? Will the love come? Will we travel? Become wealthy? Become alive?


I wish for you a year filled with dreams that come true. A year filled with great vibrations and great friendships. I hope that you envision your fabulous future so that you can recognize it when it appears. I hope that you are able to see the good in things and people and that you love yourself more than enough.

As Ben Okri says, “Keep re-dreaming the world with more light.”

Happy New Year!!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Let's Save the World

Let's Save the World - Cover Page

Let's Save the World - Page One

Let's Save the World - Page Two

The artist talk at T buds was wonderful Thanks to all who attended. We spoke about love and relationships, about the games that we play, the loves we have lost and nurtured. It was a great theme for the holidays.

Many of the works are still available. Order them online and have the pieces shipped to your home.

One of the comments I kept getting was, "You should write a book like this!"

In 2004, I started working on a graphic novel called, Let's Save the World. It is my pleasure to be able to share it with you via This piece tells the story of a frustrated young woman who is consumed by the media coverage of everything that's wrong in the world. She becomes depressed by it and wants to inspire change. She discusses this with her Granny while they prepare something to eat. Many people say that it reminds them of the relationship they have/had with their grandmother.

And I have another short illustrated story for you to see. These are so much fun to create. They are also a great investment. The original pages created in ink and scratchboard on paper will be worth a lot when the books are published.

Click here to read, The Space of Love. This was also created in 2004. The piece was written in the 90s.

Thank Goodness for the design hub in the Toronto Reference Library. They have a plethora of digital design equipment. The most wonderful thing is that they have a large scanning bed that makes it possible for me to quickly scan large format images. Thank you, City of Toronto for deciding to not only keep the libraries open, but to enhance them so that they serve artists as well!

When my schedule allows, I will also take advantage of the free 3D printer and provide courses. How fabulous is that!

You can find out more about that here:

We managed to save the libraries. Now, Let's Save the World!