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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Artist Talk and Reception - Friday November 21, 2014 - 5-8pm - T buds, Toronto

Listen To Your Heart - 2014 - $400

Join me at T buds for the
Love As I've Seen It - Artist Talk and Reception
also known as: No More Kissing Frogs

Artist Talk at 7pm

3343 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4N 2M4(647) 352-3624(at the corner of Yonge and Snowdon, North of Lawrence)

Works on exhibit for the month of November, 2014

Easily accessible by TTC.
Sadly no wheelchair access. Access by stairs to the second floor venue.
Take the subway to Lawrence station on the Yonge line. Walk North to Lawrence and Snowdon.
(about a ten minute walk)

Or take the Yonge bus 97 or 97a from Davisville, 
Get off at Glenforest Road and walk North one block to Snowdon.
Click here for a google map.

Yesterday, I had a wonderful time at T buds with a dear friend. 
The environment is warm and comfortable. 
The staff, exceptional.

When we sat, we were presented a menu of teas.
T buds offers a wide variety of teas. 
They even sell for teas with healing properties, for colds, antioxidants, life changes.
I was impressed as I have a great interest in the healing properites of herbs.

I spoke to the owner about my art exhibition. He was very interested in the materials used.
He told me that he used scratchboard in school. It's on of my favourite mediums. 
Ink is also used in some pieces.

I told him about the book I'm working on, No More Kissing Frogs
It's about online dating.
He laughed at the title.
He said that it clearly explains the nature of the exhibition. 
I have to agree.
So I won't be offended if you refer to this show as No More Kissing Frogs. 
We talked about fairy tales in which the princess ends up with a being that is not her ideal.
We discussed Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella. He summarized my exhibition in one sentence.

Why pursue something you don't really want?

The Wish - 2014 - $400

That is the question of the ages, but we all do it. I think, because it seems easier.
But I also know that what one loses out on is significant when we settle.

Let's talk more about that on Friday.

These works are perfect for a waiting room. 
Your clients can read the short story as they wait for their appointment.

These works are perfect for the home.
They will remind you to love in a positive direction.

They make a great gift.
Give the story that speaks to you to someone you love as a statement of your affections.

The works on display are original pieces of art, framed and matted just for you!
Prints can be ordered here:

I wish you the best day that you have ever had in your life!
And I look forward to having tea with you at T buds on Friday the 21st of November.

Stay beautiful!


Monday, November 3, 2014

Love As I Have Seen It | TBuds, Toronto | November 2014

Listen To Your Heart, 2014
Ink and scratchboard on paper
prints available on

Love As I've Seen It | T buds Interior | Toronto

When I was studying Fashion Design at Ryerson, 
I took a Creative Writing elective. 

Of course I got an A. (So bashful). 
One comment from my professor that has stayed with me is this:

In my twenties, regrets poured out of my pen on to the paper. It took little effort to write poetry about loss and sorrow, despair. With meditative effort, I create works around joy, love and peace more often. I do this in an effort to leave aspects of joy and love behind.

I am fortunate to have been hopelessly in love several times in my life. The endings have given me the inspiration to write a lot about it. My guys have asked to remain nameless despite my having no regrets over the beginning, middle or end of my time with them. I have been so inspired, so rewarded, so deeply cared for. Romantic love has given me my wings in many respects. Thank you, great loves of my life! You know who you are.

Perhaps we can make a pact to celebrate 
the great aspects of our love lives in November. 

Let's do that. Let's make this month the month where we all focus on the greatest loves of our lives. On our joys and blessing. On what's great about us. On we hope to receive and give romantically.

'Love As I've Seen It,' will be on exhibit at T-Buds for the month of November.

3343 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4N 2M4
(647) 352-3624

Take the opportunity to view Love As I've Seen It is a collection of paper works rendered in ink on scratchboard. Treat your self to tea and crepes while you're there! This exhibition is on the second floor up several stairs. My apologies for it not being wheelchair accessible.

On a side note, I was checking out some films on Netflix

I was scrolling through the documentaries 
and came across the documentary, 'I Am.' 

I was searching for something inspiring 
to bounce off news of war overseas.

The director was in search of answers to life's greatest questions.

Guess what the answer to all the worlds greatest problems is 
according to many soothsayers?

Don't be surprised. You already knew.