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Monday, December 29, 2014

My Wish for You in 2015

Punching Rain - 2014

2014 is almost over.

At this time of year I like to be still. I like to plan, strategize, create, imagine. I sit down with a calendar of the year to come and get to work. I review the year that passed and consider what I have learned from all the bumps I encountered along the road.

What did you learn in 2014?

I learned:

Dreaming in secret is an intense and rewarding tool
To tell people that I love them often so that they always know
To, like Einstein, take one nap a day because I deserve it
To be good to myself so that I can be good to others
To exercise daily so that I am limber, clear thinking and energized
To thank the heavens for all the great things I have now because more is coming
To sit in nature and rest and to be thankful that there is green space in the GTA
To make the most of every moment


At this time of year, many of us become introspective. We sit in quiet wonder. What will come next year? Will things improve? Will the job come? Will the love come? Will we travel? Become wealthy? Become alive?


I wish for you a year filled with dreams that come true. A year filled with great vibrations and great friendships. I hope that you envision your fabulous future so that you can recognize it when it appears. I hope that you are able to see the good in things and people and that you love yourself more than enough.

As Ben Okri says, “Keep re-dreaming the world with more light.”

Happy New Year!!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Let's Save the World

Let's Save the World - Cover Page

Let's Save the World - Page One

Let's Save the World - Page Two

The artist talk at T buds was wonderful Thanks to all who attended. We spoke about love and relationships, about the games that we play, the loves we have lost and nurtured. It was a great theme for the holidays.

Many of the works are still available. Order them online and have the pieces shipped to your home.

One of the comments I kept getting was, "You should write a book like this!"

In 2004, I started working on a graphic novel called, Let's Save the World. It is my pleasure to be able to share it with you via This piece tells the story of a frustrated young woman who is consumed by the media coverage of everything that's wrong in the world. She becomes depressed by it and wants to inspire change. She discusses this with her Granny while they prepare something to eat. Many people say that it reminds them of the relationship they have/had with their grandmother.

And I have another short illustrated story for you to see. These are so much fun to create. They are also a great investment. The original pages created in ink and scratchboard on paper will be worth a lot when the books are published.

Click here to read, The Space of Love. This was also created in 2004. The piece was written in the 90s.

Thank Goodness for the design hub in the Toronto Reference Library. They have a plethora of digital design equipment. The most wonderful thing is that they have a large scanning bed that makes it possible for me to quickly scan large format images. Thank you, City of Toronto for deciding to not only keep the libraries open, but to enhance them so that they serve artists as well!

When my schedule allows, I will also take advantage of the free 3D printer and provide courses. How fabulous is that!

You can find out more about that here:

We managed to save the libraries. Now, Let's Save the World!



Thursday, November 13, 2014

Artist Talk and Reception - Friday November 21, 2014 - 5-8pm - T buds, Toronto

Listen To Your Heart - 2014 - $400

Join me at T buds for the
Love As I've Seen It - Artist Talk and Reception
also known as: No More Kissing Frogs

Artist Talk at 7pm

3343 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4N 2M4(647) 352-3624(at the corner of Yonge and Snowdon, North of Lawrence)

Works on exhibit for the month of November, 2014

Easily accessible by TTC.
Sadly no wheelchair access. Access by stairs to the second floor venue.
Take the subway to Lawrence station on the Yonge line. Walk North to Lawrence and Snowdon.
(about a ten minute walk)

Or take the Yonge bus 97 or 97a from Davisville, 
Get off at Glenforest Road and walk North one block to Snowdon.
Click here for a google map.

Yesterday, I had a wonderful time at T buds with a dear friend. 
The environment is warm and comfortable. 
The staff, exceptional.

When we sat, we were presented a menu of teas.
T buds offers a wide variety of teas. 
They even sell for teas with healing properties, for colds, antioxidants, life changes.
I was impressed as I have a great interest in the healing properites of herbs.

I spoke to the owner about my art exhibition. He was very interested in the materials used.
He told me that he used scratchboard in school. It's on of my favourite mediums. 
Ink is also used in some pieces.

I told him about the book I'm working on, No More Kissing Frogs
It's about online dating.
He laughed at the title.
He said that it clearly explains the nature of the exhibition. 
I have to agree.
So I won't be offended if you refer to this show as No More Kissing Frogs. 
We talked about fairy tales in which the princess ends up with a being that is not her ideal.
We discussed Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella. He summarized my exhibition in one sentence.

Why pursue something you don't really want?

The Wish - 2014 - $400

That is the question of the ages, but we all do it. I think, because it seems easier.
But I also know that what one loses out on is significant when we settle.

Let's talk more about that on Friday.

These works are perfect for a waiting room. 
Your clients can read the short story as they wait for their appointment.

These works are perfect for the home.
They will remind you to love in a positive direction.

They make a great gift.
Give the story that speaks to you to someone you love as a statement of your affections.

The works on display are original pieces of art, framed and matted just for you!
Prints can be ordered here:

I wish you the best day that you have ever had in your life!
And I look forward to having tea with you at T buds on Friday the 21st of November.

Stay beautiful!


Monday, November 3, 2014

Love As I Have Seen It | TBuds, Toronto | November 2014

Listen To Your Heart, 2014
Ink and scratchboard on paper
prints available on

Love As I've Seen It | T buds Interior | Toronto

When I was studying Fashion Design at Ryerson, 
I took a Creative Writing elective. 

Of course I got an A. (So bashful). 
One comment from my professor that has stayed with me is this:

In my twenties, regrets poured out of my pen on to the paper. It took little effort to write poetry about loss and sorrow, despair. With meditative effort, I create works around joy, love and peace more often. I do this in an effort to leave aspects of joy and love behind.

I am fortunate to have been hopelessly in love several times in my life. The endings have given me the inspiration to write a lot about it. My guys have asked to remain nameless despite my having no regrets over the beginning, middle or end of my time with them. I have been so inspired, so rewarded, so deeply cared for. Romantic love has given me my wings in many respects. Thank you, great loves of my life! You know who you are.

Perhaps we can make a pact to celebrate 
the great aspects of our love lives in November. 

Let's do that. Let's make this month the month where we all focus on the greatest loves of our lives. On our joys and blessing. On what's great about us. On we hope to receive and give romantically.

'Love As I've Seen It,' will be on exhibit at T-Buds for the month of November.

3343 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4N 2M4
(647) 352-3624

Take the opportunity to view Love As I've Seen It is a collection of paper works rendered in ink on scratchboard. Treat your self to tea and crepes while you're there! This exhibition is on the second floor up several stairs. My apologies for it not being wheelchair accessible.

On a side note, I was checking out some films on Netflix

I was scrolling through the documentaries 
and came across the documentary, 'I Am.' 

I was searching for something inspiring 
to bounce off news of war overseas.

The director was in search of answers to life's greatest questions.

Guess what the answer to all the worlds greatest problems is 
according to many soothsayers?

Don't be surprised. You already knew.




Thursday, October 9, 2014

Simone Frank, artist at The Rainbow Gallery in Toronto

As promised, the video produced by Art for All Canada. In the video, you can see the works on display just in case you can't make it during October 2014 to:

Rainbow CinemasMarket Square

80 Front Street E. at Jarvis

Toronto, ON M5E 1T4Movie Info: (416) 494-9371Office: (416) 214-7006

I was at Rainbow Cinemas today to watch Denzel Washington do his thing in The Equalizer. I love the way this film was written. It was a pleasure to watch. I just eased into it not knowing what to expect as I had only seen the poster and no previews. I am a huge fan of action films with amazing fight scenes, but the acting has to be incredible to keep my attention. In this case, it was. I highly recommend it.

I leave you with a youTube recording of Ella Fitzgerald and Stevie Wonder singing, 'You Are the Sunshine of My Life."

And some images on display at Rainbow Cinemas in Market Square, Toronto.
Boogie On - $120

Go Ella - $480



Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Currently on Exhibit | A Tribute to Ella & Stevie | Rainbow Cinemas Market Square | October 2014 | Toronto

I was listening to the CBC yesterday and heard snip-pits of this song. Thank Goodness for the Internet. I found two versions to share with you. You know what this means, right? Many of us will have to learn this version to sing while in the shower or cycling through traffic!

I look forward to painting a series of Aretha Franklin portraits. She's one of my very favourites. This version is so soulful. I picture it being sung on a porch in the deep, depressed South. It didn't resonate that way when Adele sang it. It is Gospel and Soul with Rock n' Roll undertones.

My pal P isn't supportive of my love for Aretha as an artist. He's judging her by her albums in the 80s. He stylings in the sixties are what I gravitate to.

Stevie Wonder is my other favourite singer from that time. And Ella Fitzgerald just has a flawless voice. These two artists will be remembered for all history and it is my honour to be able to paint their portraits.

A Tribute to Ella and Stevie | Rainbow Cinemas | Toronto
A Tribute to Ella and Stevie is now on exhibit in the lobby of Rainbow Cinemas Market Square in St. Lawrence Market, Toronto. The exhibition will hang for the entire month of October, 2014. The curators, Art For All Canada will be posting a promotional video YouTube. I look forward to sharing that with you later.

Perhaps it's time to treat yourself to a matinee and a day off. Rainbow Theatres always has a great selection. The film that most intrigues me is A Walk Among the Tombstones. It stars, Mr. Liam Neeson. He is one of my favourites.

I remember in my twenties one of my older friends told me that he was the most attractive actor in Hollywood. I disagreed.

"He's so rugged looking," I said.

She turned to the older guests, back to me and said, "When you're older, you'll understand." I always hated hearing that, but most of the time whoever said it was right.

Now, I see every Liam Neeson film that I hear about. He holds my attention for an entire film for many reasons. Smile.

These acrylic on canvas paintings are:

Cool Stevie | 11"x14" | $230

Into The Light | 14"x18" | $380

Lady of Song | 16"x20" | $480
Harmonica Stevie | 8"x10" | $120
Boogie On | 8"x10" | $120

Go Ella | 16"x20" | $480
Soulful Ella | 20"x16" | $480

A Tribute to Ella & Stevie | October 2014 | Toronto

Rainbow Cinemas Market Square
80 Front Street E. at JarvisToronto, ON M5E 1T4Movie Info: (416) 494-9371Office: (416) 214-7006

As my favourite Shamanic author suggests, 'May you walk in joy!'


Monday, September 29, 2014

Dream - Jimmy Scott, Ella Fitzgerald and Stevie Wonder

I'm listening to the Dream album by Jimmy Scott. I remember when I first heard him and was convinced he was a woman. I really like to listen to the nuances in his voice. His voice is exceptionally unique and very blues-y.

So, I'm sitting here listening to Jimmy, if I may call him that, as I ready myself for an art installation at: 

Rainbows Cinemas
80 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E 1T4

The show runs from October 1st to October 30th. All works are for sale. And will include:

Finally installed in Toronto. They were first on exhibit at: 

Mojo Music in Oakville. 

A Tribute to Whitney Houston currently hangs there. If you're in the area, swing buy and get yourself a guitar and a painting.

At Rainbow Cinemas I will be exhibiting selected works from A Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald and A Tribute to Stevie Wonder:

It's the perfect day. You can see a film, see and art installation and buy some fresh produce at St. Lawrence Market which is across the street.

I'll write about this some more later.



Sunday, September 21, 2014

Punching the Rain

The North Toronto Group of Artists and other art groups are exhibiting in the halls of Capitol One as we speak. The art varies from acrylic on canvas to book illustration.

The piece I submitted is called, Standing by You. 
Standing By You - 2014 - $250

This work is a collage of faces grouped very close together, overlapping. All a part the audience of life.
It is a piece from my works entitled Inks on Family.

The title piece, The Circle of Family 
The Circle of Family - Sold

was shipped to its proud owner in Brooklyn, New York.

Mother Teresa said, 'The problem with the world is that we draw the circle of family too small."

Soon to grace the store fronts of North Toronto are original works by the North Toronto Group of Artists. Look forward to seeing, Punching Rain in the window of St. Germain Gallery on Yonge Street North of Lawrence. 

If you had your eye on Swim Swirl.

That piece was donated to the Urban Alliance on Race Relations, (UARR's) fundraiser last week and was purchased by a proud supporter of their efforts.

That's all for now, folks!

Stay beautiful!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Pause for a Cause

Hello All! I hope things are great in your part of town. Here's a bit more shameless self-promotion.
Earlier this summer, I participated in Jerk Fest with Rise Above. Rise Above is raising funds for numerous enriching events and workshops from finance to family. JR, the founder, on the far left was able to raise some funds to put his philanthropic ideas into fruition. I donated a portion of sales to the organization.

Here's a shot of me at my table. The others in the photo were lending a hand at the event.

Get this, one of the food venders was selling Jerk Camel. I didn't try it. JR tells me that they will kill and Jerk anything! Sorry animal lovers. I feel for you.

More soon!


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Aspects of Love, by Simone is published in Life As Human

Great news!

You can view my work in Life As Human. "... the human interest magazine for evolving minds, featuring content that talks about what it means to be human — the good, the bad … and the enlightening."

I was just minding my own business when a message appeared on my website asking me if I wanted to submit work to their upcoming issue. Of course I said, "Yes!" If you clicked on the link above you understand why. If you haven't, please click the link below.

I am honoured to have been approached to submit my work and am looking forward to more opportunities like this one.

The images seen in Life As Human can be ordered as prints, greeting cards and postcards. You can also purchase the original and have it shipped to you. Here's a link to the corresponding page on my website:

Stay gorgeous!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

How Ya Feelin'?

Okay Then
Some arguments are impossible to win, not because your points are not valid, but because those in opposition ignore your strongest points. In these cases, my favourite phrase is, ‘Okay Then.’ And then I move on.
Did I actually say that out loud? This is a phrase I know too well. Sometimes we become so playful with language that our conversation stops being centred in direct communication. We say things that are least expected. We become cheeky.
It’s okay. The world will give you what it does. People are who they are. Sometimes things are a challenge. Sometimes things run smoothly. Despite it all, I feel pretty good. Content.
There is a wisdom that exists. A certain, ‘knowing’ that things will be okay based on faith. Experience shows us that there is only so much we can do to create our realities. Succumbing to stress is trumped by a certain knowing.
Scribble Head
When the world throws a person too much information all at once and one is having trouble processing it, one may find him/herself a victim of scribble head. It is the mélange of ideas and possibilities that knows no end. Escape is only possible through deep relaxation.
Sometimes we know something just doesn’t seem right. We are given hints. We do not ignore these hints, nor do we stand up vehemently against them. ‘Really?’ can mean too things. 1. Do I really seem that gullible?   or 2. Are you really attempting this move?
Toothy Grin
The man with a toothy grin is up to something. He knows something you don’t know. I expect that it’s something positive and magical that he hesitates to share.
Ever been told a story about someone’s situation that changes the way you see him/her and the way you see the world? Ever been in a room when someone walks in who is so striking you think they could star in a film? Ever been finally paid the amount you thought you would only earn in your fantasies? Wowza! Wowza! Wowza

View these new works of art at:

de Mello Palheta Coffee Roasters

2489 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON
Mon to Fri 6am – 8 pm
Sat to Sun 8am – 8pm
(647) 748-3633

It was time to spruce up the back room with some brighter faces that stare back at you while you write copious notes in your journal, flip through a magazine, have your first online dating experience or spend time with your family/friends.

The coffee at de Mello is fabulous and you know how much of a coffee snob I am, if you know me at all.

Other fun things in the city...

Salsa on St. Clair is happening this weekend.

Here's an excerpt from their site:

Saturday, July 19th - Noon to 10pm
Sunday, July 20th – Noon to 8pm

TLN Telelatino, the Hillcrest Village BIA and the City of Toronto present the 10th Annual Salsa on St. Clair, Canada's hottest street festival.  Salsa on St. Clair has grown from a local event to a nationally recognized celebration that has attracted hundreds of thousands of “festival enthusiasts” to the streets of mid-town Toronto since its launch in 2005.

Inspired by Miami's famous "Calle Ocho" festival, the mid-July “Salsa on St. Clair” weekend is an annual free celebration that transforms a stretch of St. Clair Avenue West (from Winona Dr. to Christie St.) into a showcase of Canada’s biggest salsa party featuring live music, dance lessons, fiery food and family fun!

This year Salsa on St. Clair will be bigger and better than ever and will be the big enchilada capping off the week-long Salsa in Toronto Festival. Bring your dancing shoes-It's going to be CALIENTE!

You might just see me there!!