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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Inspiring Books | Fall Fine Arts Show and Sale | North Toronto Group of Artist | Friday Nov 8 and Sat Nov 9, 2013

Tumble    |     2012    |    $220

Ben Okri writes, “You must also learn how to fail.” Sadly I wasn’t able to find buyers for Solid and Smokin’ at the event at de Mello Palheta Specialty Coffee and Roastery. The paintings are still gracing the walls of the back room. Part of the proceeds will be donated to Mid-TorontoCommunity Services as mentioned in a previous blog.

Recently, I read The Alchemist again. It’s a timeless book for anyone who is following one’s dreams. I have read the book a few times. This time what I found compelling was that the main character’s resume. He was successful at a few jobs. Those jobs had nothing to do with his dream. He stayed employed in areas for some time before realizing that working did nothing for his heart and soul. He was consumed by helping other people to achieve their goals and he was good at it. It took a lot of courage for him to leave the mainstream and to go out on his own.

I have bought that book for lots of people and they are always happy after having read it. Consider buying to for yourself.

I am really looking forward to the upcoming exhibition at Blessed Sacrament church on Yonge Street just South of Lawrence. There is a great selection of artists selling work at reasonable prices.
You can find out more by reading through Slate Art GalleryGuide, snapd or The Town Crier. You can also visit the NTGA website.

I look forward to showing you new works of art and displaying many portraits of musicians.

See you at the Fall Fine Arts Show and Sale at BlessedSacrament Church located on Yonge Street just South of Lawrence on the Westside. On Friday night, there will be live music, free food and vino. Visit the NTGA website to register or contact me by email, facebook, or LinkedIn.

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Keep on keepin’ on!


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