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Saturday, November 7, 2015

North Toronto Group of Artists Fine Arts Sale from Thursday November 12 to Saturday November 14, 2015

Bouncy Lovely - Wire - $50 -


Wow, last month was doozie for me. Fellow Aquarians, according to my astrologers, we went very deep into the recesses of our minds, (as we are known to do), and stayed there for the month contemplating the past, future, the universe, ourselves, our communities. 

Spiral Strength - $50

Spiral Strength - $50

At the end of it all I decided to make art.

Simone Art Gallery - Yonge and Eglinton, Toronto

It's what I always decide after considering a career in medicine, law or teaching. After many insisting that I pursue a career in psychotherapy. The blind leading the blind in my case. lol.

I have so many almost finished works of art. It's going in an interesting direction. I'll show you soon. Oh! Can you make it to the NTGA Fine Arts Show and Sale to see some of it?

North Toronto Group of Artists Fine Arts Sale

Thursday, November 12 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Friday, November 13 - 12:00pm - 8:00pm 
Saturday, November 14 - 10:00am - 3:30pm 

Blessed Sacrament Church 

Click here to see the participating artists.

I will be selling works from $20 to $400 from my section in the Blessed Sacrament Church Basement. And listen, this isn't a religious sale. People of all faiths are cordially invited and encouraged to enjoy the event.

Thursday night, there will be live music and snacks and beverages circulating. It's the best night to celebrate. Friday and Saturday are a pleasure as well. We are open for biz in the day. It's family friendly, low key and really nice. My fellow artists are extremely talented and a wide variety of styles are on display. Cash or credit is accepted by me and by most participating artists.

If we haven't seen each other in a while. This is the perfect time to come by and say hello. I miss you! Where were you?

I also installed a selection from Let's Save the World at T-buds, this wonderful tea shop at Yonge and Snowdon just North of Lawrence on the East side.

Let's Save the World Celebration: Friday, November 20th, 2015
5:00 - 8:00pm


3343 Yonge Street at Snowdon Avenue

Enjoy these pages rendered in scratchboard and ink on paper.

The story begins as a young woman and her granddaughter discuss the fate of the world while baking together. It is a work in progress, to be published at a later date. The piece speaks of family, cultural issues, love, hope and equity.

My grandmother and I were pretty close for several years. She would wake up early to walk me to kindergarten. I have fond memories of those walks. 

Granny was the strong silent type. What I loved about her was that she listened to me. I mean, really listened. As a child, I was filled with questions and and ideas. I drove a lot of adults crazy. But Granny always listened intently and I loved her for that.

This series is about a conversation a young woman has with her Granny about living in a chaotic world. This young lady struggles with the problems in the world and is desperate for a way to live happily despite wars, floods and fires.

I hope you enjoy the story.

Created to remind you of the wisdom the elders can provide to young folks who are interested in achieving balance in an unfair world.

View the beginning of "Let's Save the World," during the month of November at:
November 2015
3343 Yonge Street at Snowdon
(647) 352-3624

All works are for sale and will published in the completed graphic novel. 



Let's Save the World Inside T-Buds November 20153343 Yonge Street at Snowdon Avenue(647) 352-3624

Let's Save the World Celebration at T-buds3433 Yonge Street at Snowdon (North of Lawrence)Friday November 20, 20155:00pm - 8:00pmFREE

I have more shows coming up in December including a private-ish sale from my studio. And if you know me, you know I'll be baking up a storm. My snacks are always on the house. My way of saying thanks for coming Up North to see me and my work.

And the lovely and talented, Alex Plata has opened a gallery at 540 Sherbourne by appointment and by event. We'll be exhibiting on Friday December 4th, and the 5th and 6th as well. Glenn Simpson will also be participating.

Details and images to follow.

Alright, art lovers and asscociates... Thanks for your time and attention.

I wish you all the best for November. I haven't checked to see what's in store for me in November. I think I'll play it by ear. (Probably not. I love that planetary stuff!!)


416 432 9947

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