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Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Gifts - Holiday Art Sales

The holidays are a great time to reconnect with those we have lost touch with, to show appreciation to those close to us in our lives and to spread some good, nice magic around. It can be one of the most depressing times for a person, but if you decided to look up instead of down, your luck can change.

So many people have recommended I see the film, ‘A Wonderful Life’ sadly, I still haven’t.
‘Love Actually’, was recommended and I adore it. It’s a really sweet film about being in love that actually ends happily. A nice pick me up.

Now, the occasional escapist film can put a smile on one’s face, but the reality is that people are in need and at this time of year it’s important to remember that. That's why part of the proceeds of my Holiday Art sale will go to Mid Toronto Community Services.

Each year, as I mentioned in a previous blog, I volunteer at Cocktails for the Community, a fundraiser for Mid Toronto Community Services. This charitable organization extends itself to seniors in the community.

It’s also a great time to find peace within. How do we do that and make it last throughout the year? I’ll let you know when I find out.
‘In the meantime, in between time’, as my pal, DL used to say, I extend this invitation to buy some art at my Holiday Art Sale and Fundraiser.

It's a third floor walk up. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I’ve extended the hours to
Wednesday December 19, 12-6
Thursday December 20, 12-6
Saturday December 22, 12-6 &
Sunday December 23, 12-6

Refreshments are free. And fresh bake goods, juice, wine, eggnog etc. will be served.
Prices range from $5 to $1300.

Lots of original art for sale. Great stocking stuffers. Recycled items as well.

Just the other day I found some wood outside my building and turned it into art.

Love 7"x9" - $95

Hope 7" x 9" - $95

Flow 7" x 9" - $95

I also recently produced a couple of portraits for a client.

Snoop Lion.
I remember him fondly as Snoop Dog. His original name was Calvin Broadus.

There is so much controversy around his decision to smoke or not to smoke marijuana. I heard that recently he decided to smoke again. The client requested an image of him smoking a joint. I personally, would have painted him without it. His music to me is more about the way his body sways when he performs. Some slow motion, soulful something but I can acknowledge the artistic impact of him with a joint in his mouth.

Whatever means he uses to inspire himself is personal. But so many artists get lost in the world of drugs. I wonder if he feels he has to stop at some point in order to remain focused. So many fans probably want to know his secret. Perhaps he is simply gifted.

His new album, Here Comes the King will be out tomorrow.

I also recently painted Mr. Presley for a client. 

As a child, his Christmas album entitled, ‘Elvis Christmas Album’ was one of my favourites.

Now Public Enemy said in one of their tunes, Elvis was a hero to most. Was he racist? Apparently he had black servants.

I don’t want to upset the Elvis fans, but there had to be segway from Snoop Lion to the King.

I’ll save that story for a later time. For now, let’s bask in the magic of where you can buy his albums. Click here to buy his Christmas albums online. 

Click here to browse through his Christmas films and to order them online.

And then click, click, click in your high heels all the way to the Holiday Art Sale and Fundraiser.

Much love over the holidays!!


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