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Monday, June 14, 2010

The City That is Often Called Cold

I recently saw the movie 'The Secret In Their Eyes.'

In my search for a movie that would draw me into the plot and make me forget what was going on in my life. I became tangled in the plot. I remember thinking I was about to see a movie about crime, something suspenseful and troubling, but what I was left with was an examination of love. The varying ranges of love, the love that's realized and love that is never denied. I wondered about the choice to walk away from someone you'd really rather run towards.

Is it worth it to be safe sometimes?

To protect the heart sometimes?

The movie is shot beautifully using subtle techniques to give it life.

For those of you who liked, 'It's Complicated', a line used in 'The Secret in Their Eyes' at a few choice moments. It is complicated in a different way that is always similar in love. Highly recommended.

On the way home from the Cumberland the city looked different. The way it did to me when I was in my element -- exhibiting art regularly and working for myself. I stopped at a fruit stand to buy some blackberries. Everything felt romantic. There were three college aged guys working inside. They stopped talking when I walked in. The staff had placed a huge fan on the floor in front of the entrance. I walked in the door and my skirt blew up in the air.
I asked them if it was the Marilyn Monroe fan.

No one replied.

"You know. So it blows everyone's skirt up as they walk in."

No one replied.

"You do that on purpose don't you."

The cashier smirked as he put the berries in the bag. "Yes, we do."
He said with a straight face. "It's done entirely on purpose."
Then he smiled.

I laughed and walked the rest of the way home.
There's magic in this city.

This city that is often called cold.

Swim Swirl 12"x12" Gallery Depth Canvas

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